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-Success Stories

In 2015 YES received a referral from a high school counselor regarding a freshman we will call K. K was struggling academically and had no family support. Her mother routinely told her she should be on disability because she, in her mother’s words, "couldn't learn." Our STRIDE case manager met with K and through the assessment process determined that much of K's challenges were connected to her inability to read. The case manager spent months teaching K phonics and penmanship and working with her teachers to make sure the accommodations in K's IEP (Individual Education Plan) were followed. (Previous to our intervention some of her teachers wrongly thought she was just disinterested. When we began to collaborate with them they began to recognize K's potential and provided extra instruction to help her succeed!) The second year in our program we helped her apply for School of Technology and she was accepted! Her reading continued to improve and her self-confidence grew. In 2018 she graduated from CCST and passed her state cosmetology boards. She also graduated from high school and the last time we spoke with her she was considering some college classes in business so she could eventually open her own salon. THIS is what STRIDE can do for students who need an advocate, a mentor and a cheerleader- and you made it possible with your contribution to United Way of Cecil County.

Voices of Hope for Cecil County (VHCC) is the newest partner agency of United Way of Cecil County. Their mission is to advocate for recovery resources, mentor new people in recovery,

Work to eliminate the stigma of addiction through outreach events and education, and generally support all Pathways to recovery. United Way supports their Financial Capabilities program which they began offering in September of 2017. VHCC served more than 20 individuals in just the first two series of the four part sessions. Participants boast about the program and are applying their newly learned skills to their daily lives.

“I’ve always struggled with my finances and saving money. Through taking this workshop Series, I was given a chance to look at money differently. Since completing the workshop I have saved over $600.00. It was comforting being taught by someone also in recovery in a non-judgmental Way.” Shelly

“I appreciate the simple ways to save money, and become financially stable. Also, how to Set myself up for my future financial success; like information about CD’s and stocks.” Karla

Bridges Detour is designed for youth exhibiting delinquent-like behaviors. This program links youth and their families to community services to strengthen protective assets and reduce risk factors for juvenile delinquency.

Zach entered Detour as a self-referral. He was interested in mentoring and employment. Zach was a varsity athlete, but needed help with maintaining grades, dealing with issues at home, and navigating the DJS system (Department of Juvenile Services.) With the help of his Detour mentor, Zach completed drug and alcohol prevention class, finished all of his individual program goals, and graduated from high school. Over time, he has become almost a "junior" staff member, who is always available to offer help and support to younger youth. Staff members are proud of Zach's successes, and excited about his upcoming college career.

The Family Visitation Center offers families a safe, neutral and peaceful environment for the purpose of exchanging their children for visitation.

Clients say:

  • "Family Visitation Center provides protection and peace of mind."
  • "It makes things very nice for the children."
  • "This is the best thing we have experienced."

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