United Way of Cecil County
  Success Stories


The Cecil County Men's Shelter is so much more than emergency housing and food.  The men in the program have a strict guideline and plan of action they are required to work out.  This plan includes finding work, counseling and saving money.  John came to the shelter directly from the VA hospital where he suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome. If not for the Settlement House he would have to sleep under the bridge in Elkton.  John entered counseling, applied for Social Security, started saving money and is now in his own house.  He returns to the shelter on a regular basis as a volunteer.
  Zach entered Detour as a self-referral.  He was interested in mentoring and employment.  Zach was a varsity athlete, but needed help with maintaining grades, dealing with issues at home, and navigating the DJS system (Department of Juvenile Services.) With the help of his Detour mentor, Zach completed drug and alcohol prevention class, finished all of his individual program goals, and graduated from high school. Over time, he has become almost a "junior" staff member, who is always available to offer help and support to younger  youth.  Staff members are proud of Zach's successes, and excited about his upcoming college career.
Bridges Detour is designed for youth exhibiting delinquent-like behaviors.  This program links youth and their families to community services to strengthen protective assets and reduce risk factors for juvenile delinquency.
  The Family Visitation Center offers families a safe, neutral and peaceful environment for the purpose of exchanging their children for visitation.

Clients say:
"Family Visitation Center provides protection and peace of mind."

"It makes things very nice for the children."

"This is the best thing we have experienced."


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